is a site that has potential to be a lot of help to
anyone that has teenage children and all of the crises (and drama) that
goes with them to deal with. From parents of troubled teenager to a
family that’s having problems with a teen abusing drugs or depression
center. Since drug abuse is still as serious of a problem these days
as it was before the so-called ‘war on drugs’ was declared. offers help in the form of articles written by
parents that are sharing their experiences, information and points of
view about a wide range of issues related to dealing with troubled
teens. There are articles covering subjects such as teen suicide, teen
violence, helping teens deal with divorce and the ever present problems
of peer pressure. There is a lot of information in these articles. I
didn’t see a site FAQ and I also did not see anything covering issues of
teens and their relationship with God, but then I wasn’t on the site for
more than about 20 minutes or so while looking it over.

They’re offering this content as public information, experiences and the
perspectives of ordinary parents dealing with teens of their own.
They’re not pretending to be doctors and they are not offering medical
advice. There is also a discussion forum where you can find more ideas
and information. The site and the forum both appear to be free to join
and use.

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