easytobook.com is an Amsterdam
Hotels booking service
that’s all about getting helping you find the
best possibilities and get set up with everything you need from Hotel
Reservations, vacation rentals and more. There’s a search tool that can
help you find what is available for the dates and places you’re planning
to travel to. This reservation service is free and you can get up to 75%

For example if you were planning to vacation in Spain, you might be
interested in their resources for hotels
in Barcelona
. They really do have a lot of listings ranging from the
more economical 1star hotels to plush 5 star hotels that are as plush
and extravagant as any in the world. You could find yourself staying in
the 4
Fun hostel in Barcelona
or you could decide on a luxury facility
such as The
Bilderberg Garden Hotel
which is in walking distance from the city’s
most exclusive shopping areas and museums.

The site is set up to make it easy for you to search, offering several
ways to look for accomodations. You can search by date, enter the dates
you plan to be travelling and you get a list of hotels that have rooms
available for those dates. The Advanced
lets you enter the date of arrival and the date of departure
along with the area you want to stay, then the search tool gives you a
list of possibilities that fit your requirements.

Add to this the fact that they must be doing pretty good because the
site shows that while they currently have listings for Amsterdam,
Barcelona and Rome. They are going to be adding listings for London and
Prague which will cover a much larger part of European vacations.

The site itself is built with a simple, quick loading approach that
focuses on getting information out there where the visitor can find it
without having to do excessive amounts of digging through complicated

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