Y’know, there something just plain funny about this. not to mention
hypocritical. Just offhand, I’d say that they people at Zango need to
get off it.

Maker Sues Anti-Spyware Maker

prostoalex writes "An ‘online media company’ Zango, which gained
notoriety for redirecting adult affiliate traffic and the first ever
MySpace worm, is now suing the anti-spyware vendor PC Tools, maker of
an application called ‘Spyware Doctor’, for removing Zango
applications off the consumers’ PCs. ‘According to a posting on a blog
called Spamnotes.com, Zango is seeking at least $35 million in
damages, alleging that Spyware Doctor removes Zango’s software without
warning users that it will be deleted. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday
in King County Superior Court in Seattle, according to Spamnotes.com.
Formerly known as 180solutions, Zango is trying to clean up its
tarnished reputation. In November it paid $3 million to settle U.S.
Federal Trade Commission charges that its software was being installed
deceptively on PCs.’"

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