has a nice clean no nonsense look right from the
second it first loads.  Right in the center of the page is a hotel
finder wizard that you can use to start shopping for hotels.
Just give it the city you’re going to, the dates of check in and check
out, the number of adults per room and the numer of rooms.  It will
return with a list of hotels
in the destination city.  Complete with pricing information, brief
description and in many cases you can book the hotel online.

They seem to really have it going on when it comes to finding hotel
, in addtion to that, they’re also offering similar
services for car rental, flights, vacations and vacation packages.

In a a few test searches, they came up with lots of places to stay, with
Hotel Discounts available in lots of them. According to the site you can
get discounts of up to 70% off for hotel and motel
. You can book online or you can make your reservations
on the phone. I saw three phone numbers on the site, one in the U.S.,
one in Europe, and one ‘worldwide’ number. As far as I can tell they’re
all toll free.

They also have an ‘Advanced
Hotel Search
‘ that allows you to search by city, look for certain
amenities that you want available, or even by the address. I didn’t
really get the reason for that one at first until I realized that if you
know the address of the hotel you can search that specific one for
whatever discounts are available there for your travel dates and book
your hotel reservations online through the site.

Overall, the site looks decent. I personally don’t care for the white
background because it often makes sites harder to read, butfor the most
part their font sizes and colors appear to have been chosen to keep that
problem to a minimum..

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