I can’t help thinking that news like this is going un-noticed by most
people. They sit idly by and do nothing while governments and big
business move along giving themselves more and more ways to snoop on us.

The truth is that stories like this should cause two things: 1) a lot of
people getting loud enough about it to require the powers that be to
stop and think before implementing yet another way to snoop on citizens
and 2) a rush of people getting and using encryption tools and software
to protect their privacy.

By the way, make no mistake about it, it’s definitly privacy that needs
to be protected.

Bill Expands Wiretapping To Cell Phones

Senate Bill 11 would give the government more tools to track people
under investigation, expanding wiretapping abilities from land lines
to cell phones.

Rep. Lon Burnam said he was against the bill, because it allows
more invasion of privacy, and it was so broadly written it will affect
more people than legislators think, including lawmakers themselves.

Burnam said he plans to kill the bill by naming off about a dozen
representatives who could be under investigation because of their
connection with Tom DeLay.

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