If you ever had any doubt that we’re living in the last days then I
suggest that you read the story below. Don’t just stop with the little
bit I quoted here, use the link and read the whole thing. Then ask
yourself what kind of monster does something like that.

Dad Confesses To Burning Baby In Microwave

GALVESTON, Texas — A 19-year-old was arrested and charged after
police said his 2-month-old daughter was burned when he placed her in
a microwave, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.

Joshua Mauldin, of Arkansas, has been charged with injury to a
child causing serious harm. He is in the Galveston County jail with
bond set at $250,000.

In a related story, the guy’s wife blames
the devil
for what he did, saying that the devil "compelled" him to
do it because he disapproved of his efforts to become a preacher. Up to
a point that’s true, there is no doubt whatsoever that an act like this
is truly inspired from satan. But the one thing that this doesn’t
account for is the fact that this guy didn’t have to choose to obey this
"compulsion". He made a choice to act and is responsible for that
action. I doubt any human court can give a sentence severe enough.

What I find even worse than this story, is that after I heard about it I
went looking for news accounts of it to find out more about it. I was
actually surprised to find out that this has happened before;

Mother arraigned in
baby’s microwave death
, and this
item on snopes.com
also confirm that there have been other things
like this that have actually happened.

I didn’t search any farther, The fact that it has happened at all is bad
enough. That it has happened more than once is sickening beyond belief.

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