There’s a real problem with this whole thing. That the Smithsonian would
‘tone down’ the scientific or factual details about something is a bad
thing. However in the case of so-called "climate change" (that’s code
for ‘global warming’) I honestly don’t believe there is anything there
to tone down.

‘Toned Down the Science’ In Climate Change Exhibit

An anonymous reader writes "According to an International Herald
Tribune article, the Smithsonian pre-emptively toned down the
scientific content of a climate change exhibit put into place last
year. The changes, including removal of scientist conclusions and
muddying of displayed data, were made to ensure that the exhibit would
not offend the Congress or the White House. Pressure brought to bear
by Institute officials resulted in the resignation of Robert Sullivan,
a sixteen year veteran of the organization. ‘This is not the first
time the Smithsonian has been accused of taking politics into
consideration. The congressionally chartered institution scaled down a
1995 exhibit of the restored Enola Gay, the B-29 that dropped the
atomic bomb on Hiroshima, after veterans complained it focused too
much on the damage and deaths. Amid the oil-drilling debate in 2003, a
photo exhibit of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was moved to
a less prominent space.’"

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