As any regular readers will notice, things have changed.

This blog is now converted from Thingamablog to WordPress.  The old permalinks for posts will continue to work because the old files are still on the server.  In fact, those old files have enabled me to to the most complete reconstruction from previous Thingamablog crashes that I’ve ever been able to do.  I was able to recover all the way back to the first entry on 2/22/06.  I believe that there are some entries from Aug 06 that didn’t make the transition, but all things considered, I’m not worried about it.

Over time I will put 301 Redirect’s in the .htaccess file so that the old permalink urls will reach the wordpress version of the entries instead.

About all that’s remaining other than that is to do some tinkering with the template files and fine tune a few things.

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