All I can say here is that this really qualifies as a “Duh” moment.

Traffic Up on Gasoline Price Web Sites

DENVER AP – The higher gasoline prices go, the more money business Web entrepreneur Jason Toews makes.He started an Internet site,, in 2000 to track daily gasoline prices using volunteers to e-mail what they find. “Hardly anybody ever used it,” Toews, of Brooklyn Park, Minn., recalled.

It’s right up there with the polls and such that I’ve seen the news people talking about saying that people aren’t cutting back on driving in spite of gas prices going through the roof.

What these things are not taking into account is that it’s very likely that most people already don’t do much, if any, “extra” driving.  I know we don’t.  The driving we do is necessary regardless of what the price is.

It does occur to me that Oil Company Exec’s ought to make sure they’ve got plenty of security because sooner or later somebody’s going to decide to get personal and possibly violent about the ever rising prices

This is especially true when we’re all paying through the nose for gasoline while Big Oil is posting all-time-record high profits of Billions of dollars in a quarter.

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