When thinking about doing any kind of online business today one of the things that leaves a lot of people stumped is the thought of designing their website.  Having built a few websites over the years myself I know how much of a challenge website design can be.  From deciding on the overall layout, what graphics to use, writing copy for each page on the site to finding or writing any javascript or PHP code you need and tying it all together on the server.

Then after that, there’s promotion, getting your url out there where people can find it when they are looking for the products & servcices you’re selling.  Fortunately you don’t have to do all this yourself.  There’s a company called Website Pros that specializes in doing all the technical things involved in creating and maintaining a business web site so that you can deal with the products & services that you know.

They’ve built sites for more than 400,000 small businesses.  Their services give you what you need to have a successful presence on the web.  They’ve got a team of people that can help you put together a professional looking web design as well as a promotional campaign to get people coming to it.

They offer comprehensive ecommerce website design packages and small business marketing tools to build up your website’s traffic and it’s rankings in the search engines.  They also offer a free whitepaper called “5 Essentials to a Great Website” that can help you get an idea of where to start.

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