Ok, That new social bar is apparently a bust.  Oh it worked ok in that it put the needed graphics and links at at the end of the post where I wanted it to show, but after putting it in I started getting PHP errors when saving files in the theme editor or even trying to look at the xml feed.

So unless there’s any clues to getting it fixed, that one is probably going to be just dumped.  For now I’ll put back the original plugin.  It may not manage to LOOK nice the way I want it to, but at least it works without causing PHP errors.

and for those who wonder why posts about social bookmark tools end up xposted to ‘Building Blog Traffic’, that’s easy.  Social bookmarking is a valuable source of inbound links and anyone who knows anything about SEO and web promotion will tell you that getting more inbound links is always the number one task for improving a site’s position and rank in the search engines.

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