Why do we need this?  Isn’t there enough ways to watch television without adding video signals as well?  Seems to me that it’s just another thing to break down and fail because some genius decided to put yet another function in an already complicated system.

All it’s going to do is cost users more money, but then what am I thinking?  Obviously that’s the primary purpose.  It doesn’t REALLY have anything to do with what people want or need.

AT&T To Offer TV Over Phone Lines

ppadala writes "AT&T is upgrading their phone lines to offer video
programmes over phone line. The service, called U-verse TV will be
available in parts of Southern California communities initially.
Channel lineups will be similar to traditional cable and dish
offerings. AT&T is insisting that, ‘This offering is on par with those
of its cable rivals. But AT&T claims that it offers customers more for
their money, including fast channel changing, video-on-demand, three
set-top boxes, a digital video recorder, a picture-in-picture feature
that allows viewers to surf channels without switching channels and an
interactive program guide.’"

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