Trying a third social bookmarking plugin.. this one’s called ‘Sociable‘ and so far, it’s working better than the other two.. and linking to more sites as well

I’ve also put in ‘Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam‘ to go along with the ‘Akismet‘ anti comment spam tool to keep that under control. (not that it’s a problem now, but I’m thinking ahead here.)

With comment spam thus controlled, I also put in the ‘DoFollow‘ plugin so that links from comments won’t have the evil rel=’nofollow’ on them.

I’ve also got the ‘Show Top Commentators‘ plugin just for the heck of it and I’m also trying out ‘SEO Title Tag‘ and the ‘Adsense’ plugin to allow me to put Adsense ads on entries that I think would lend themselves to it.

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