Well, there’s some news on the subject of blog advertising.  My wife found a service called “Smorty”.  It’s a service that hooks up advertisers with bloggers.  Essentially what they’re asking the blogger to do is write an opinion about the advertiser’s service or product and include one link back to the advertiser’s site.

It’s another in the growing number of services that allow pretty much anyone to get paid for blogging while giving the advertiser the benefits of blog advertising, which can be a lot more ‘wallet friendly’ than most other advertising media.  I mean, when you think about it, choosing to advertise on blogs is not going to cost nearly as much as a television or radio ad campaign and those radio and tv ads dont get indexed in search engines and they don’t get nearly as much attention these days now that more and more business is moving online.

I know there’s some detractors, people who claim that if a blogger chooses to write a sponsored post and actually Get paid to blog, that they’re being some kind of sellout.  Personaly I don’t see the problem.  Even if I choose to do some blog for money entries that doesn’t take any validity from my non-sponsored postings.  Seriously, it’s no different from normal sites selling links.  Nobody’s screaming “sellout” to them are they?  Of course not.

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