Here’s a cool idea for you.  The folks at have come up with a digital photo frame.  It’s a modern version of the old picture frame.  Only with this one, you can skip the step where you get prints of your pictures and then fuss around trying to get them into the frame without destroying the pictures or using language that frightens small children.

Instead, with these digital frames all you need to do is take the memory card out of the camera and put it into the frame.  It accepts CF/XD/MS/SD/MMC memory cards so it’s going to work with nearly everything in popular use these days.  Once the card is in the digital photo frame you use the remote control to select the pictures you want to appear in the slide show and it starts showing the pictures.

I kind of like this idea because the digital picture frame has so much more possibility than the old style frame.  For one thing, these little gems can also play movie clips you’ve taken with your digial camera (with sound!).  It’s even got a USB 2.0 connection to add even more compatibility.  Another cool thing is that as of this writing they’re giving away a 128MB memory card with every 9 or 10 inch frame order.  How’s that for cool?

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