In a move that’s certain to set “equal pay for equal work” back fifty years, the supreme court has ruled 5 to 4 “that employees may not bring suit under the principal federal anti-discrimination law unless they have filed a formal complaint with a federal agency within 180 days after their pay was set.”

It’s really special that they’re appyling this idiotic timeline thing to all cases, even if the pay discrimination wasn’t known right away.  It also means that even if the situation has been going on for years or even is still going on, if you don’t do that formal complaint with a federal agency within six months of when your pay was set, then you’re stuck.  The only choices there are either keep taking it, or change jobs and if the new employer does the same thing, then file that complaint right away.

Justices’ Ruling Limits Suits on Pay Disparity

The Supreme Court made it harder for many workers to sue
their employers for discrimination in pay.

I guess that this shows where the Supreme’s loyalties lie doesn’t it?

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