When Steve Jobs first called for music to be sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management) that ust makes it harder for the person who bought it to use it the way they want on the device they want, I was in favor of the idea.  DRM is making a mess of things in a lot of ways.

Now it seems that while Apple Itunes has begun doing the DRM-Free thing, they’re putting identifying information into the music files.

Listening Post – Wired Blogs

Itunes Apple has declined to explain why its new DRM-free music files are watermarked with users’ names and e-mail addresses.

Earlier this week, Apple iTunes 7.2 brought the new ability to download tracks from EMI Records without copy protection. But the unprotected files are labeled with the buyer’s details, leading some to wonder if Apple is appending the information as an anti-piracy measure.

But Apple is remaining mum about its reasoning.

On the other hand, I wonder how long it will be before a free tool to remove and / or edit that information is created and released into the wild?  My guess is that it may already be in development.

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