As if the thing with Putin isn’t enough, we can’t forget Iran.  The Iranian president is going on about how it’s too late to talk about stopping the nuclear enrichment program.  Then he’s got the unmitigated gall to say that WE (the US) is being arrogant by setting pre-conditions for negotiations.

Hold the phone a second!  If we take the time to back this truck up a few months we’ll find plenty of Iran setting pre-conditions for talking.  I wonder why it’s ok for them to do it but when we do it we’re called arrogant?

Sorry folks, That’s a pile of BS a mile wide and ninety feet deep and it’s not gonna fly for a second.

Iran’s hard-line president says it’s too late to talk about stopping his country’s
nuclear enrichment program, and he urges the United States to abandon “arrogant
policies” of setting pre-conditions for negotiations.

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