Ever try to lose weight?  I know, that’s a loaded question.  These days almost everyone has at one time or another spent time trying to lose weight.  Whether it was only a few pounds or upwards of fifty or a hundred or even more, most of us can agree that it’s hardly ever easy.

There’s a site that could help in the quest to lose weight.  This is a free to join site that has tools to help you successfully take weight off and keep it off.  One of the key things about trying to take off weight is keeping track of how much you’re eating and your activity.  But the problem is knowing what levels of calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protien to aim for.  You can’t just say X amount of calories a day will have you losing weight because it’s not just about calories.  It’s also important to factor in all these other things along with how much of what kind of exercise and other activity you’ll be doing to burn off those calories and carbs.

Ok, so recording what you eat is the thing to do but without some kind of a system it can quickly become either a major pain or downright impossible.  MyFitnessPal.com makes sure that you can log meals quickly and easily.  Their software learns from you, keeping records of what you log so that future entries get easier over time since most people tend to eat the same things over time.

They’ve got an easy to use calorie counter that will help you learn the nutritional value of what you’re eating.  There are also other tools, like one that helps you calculate the Calories Burned From Exercise.  You fill in the type of activity, your current weight and how many minutes your doing it and it gives you an estimate of the number of calories burned.  That can be real handy, especially when you figure you have to burn roughly 3500 calories for each pound lost.

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