I see that the EU governments are fussing about trying to figure out what they’re going to do about the touchy subject of genetically modified foods.

I would like to suggest that the best answer is to declare that regardless of any so-called tests that “prove” this stuff safe, that it be baanned entirely.  This kind of technology is still very new and the potential effects of genetic enginerring can be unknown for decades.  The result of eating food that’s been genetically altered like this is also equally unknown.  Sure, they trot out all these tests that they claim say it’s safe, but is it really?  Do they know for certain that fifteen years down the road this stuff isn’t going to turn out to be carcinogenic or cause mutations or birth defects?

Remember, just because we CAN do a thing does not mean we SHOULD do that thing.

EU Trade Chief Urges Unity on Biotech

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) – European Union governments should work together in deciding rules for using biotech foods, rather than forge their own policies and risk inviting legal action against the 27-member bloc, the EU trade chief said Thursday.

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