Drug and alchohol addiction have become something that we see on the news and portrayed in movies and television all the time.  However there’s another, much more silent problem that’s just as widespread.  That is the problem of Pain Killer Addiction.

Painkiller addiction is every bit as much a disease as any other form of addiction.  Painkiller addiction might have it’s roots in the choices of the addict but in the end they reach the point where they can no longer find the willpower they need to make the choice to quit.  While there are some who manage to kick the addiction on their own, many need to get some kind of professional painkiller addiction treatment in order to start down the road to recovery

Sunset Malibu is a sober living facility with an assortment of paitient services including one-on-one therapy, group therapy, educational groups and more.  Their focus is to help patients learn to live free of their addictions.  They’re focused in particular on treating substance abuse such as alchohol, painkillers, and prescription drug abuse.  They also deal with depression and other problems that go along with drug abuse.

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