If there WERE anything like this, you can bet that Big-Oil would move heaven and Earth to keep it quiet.  But then again, anything that seems almost too good to be true, usually is.

Company Says Gas Pill Leads to 10 Percent to 20 Percent Savings

April 17, 2006 – With the average price of a gallon of regular gas soaring to $2.68, drivers are looking for any way to cut down on costs at the pump.

Consumer groups, however, warn promotions promising quick fixes are usually too good to be true.

One of the latest ads sweeping the Internet is a “gas pill” marketed by Fuel Freedom International. Fuel Freedom International says dropping a $2 MPG-Cap in your tank with every fill up will increase mileage by 10 percent or 20 percent. When ABC affiliate WPVI asked a AAA expert to test-drive the pill, results were not as significant.

AAA saw no improvement while driving at 34 mph and just a 4 percent increase in mileage at 65 mph.

The company recommended a bigger dose, but when AAA used four pills in the tank, it didn’t make a difference.

“I didn’t see anything approaching any of the claims for 10 [percent], 20 [percent] or 30 percent improvement in mileage,” said Tom McLaughlin of AAA.

Can a Pill Reduce Your Gas Costs?

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