Signs are one of the most important things about getting a business noticed no matter if it’s a huge corporation or a garage sale.  Without them people don’t know you’ve got anything for sale, where you are or how to contact you. has made it easy to get signs, banners, magnetic car signs custom made to your requirements as well as accessories.

Their site has interactive tools on it that allow you to pick the type of sign and a template to work from and then customize everything about it.  This results in a custom designed sign that has what you want on it in the colors you want.

What I think is great about their site is that these tools load up and run quickly without bogging the page down while it loads some huge java applet.  It’s a tad busy but then this site is by it’s nature graphic intensive.  They’ve made it easier to handle by keeping the size of the graphics down to a minimum.  Most of the graphics are under 20K in size which allows them to load up quickly for a painless experience.

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