Once again the fluff returns to the news.  While there are things being covered in news media that actually do have some importance, what you hear more about than anything else is the fluff.

I saw the story on the early news this morning (or was it late last night?) that Paris Hilton was out of jail.  They showed a clip of her walking from the jail to a waiting car… surrounded by fans and press, with camera flashes going off so fast you’d think it was a rock concert with fireworks.. or maybe a dozen strobelights.

Meanwhile, there’s things going on that have a little more import than that.

I saw this NY Times story a few days ago… there was little if any coverage anywhere else.

U.S. to Hold Direct Talks in North Korea on Arms

The Bush administration dispatched its top negotiator for
one-on-one talks about North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

This is important stuff.  It may seem like dry, ‘here we go again’ kinda stuff, but in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the guy in charge over there is more than a little bit unstable… and he’s got control of nuclear weapons.  I’m not suggesting we all run out and start building bomb shelters but I do think we ought to pay a litte more attention to this than to Paris Hilton.

A few days later there was this gem:


Top U.S. envoy to the North Korea denuclearization talks Christopher Hill says the
communist regime is ready to quickly shut down its primary nuclear reactor, and he’s
hopeful that “complete denuclearization” will be achievable, though complicated.

You’ll note that it says that they’re *ready* to shut it down, NOT that they’re actually *going* to do it anytime soon.  As for “complete denucleariation”… First, I think that’s a BS phrase that’s designed to sound impressive.  Second, North Korea give up it’s newly achived nuclear technology?  I’m not going to believe that anytime soon.  No more than I would believe Iran deciding to hold democratic elections tomorrow and offer friendship to Israel

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