I wonder how many people have notice this little detail about the creation story and how many of them have thought about the significance of it.

In Genesis 1, if you pay careful attention to the order of events described, you’ll see that God created light a full three days BEFORE He created the sun, moon and stars.

Looking up the translations in the Strongs, you’ll see that the phrase translated “Let there be light” in the King James, would be more accurately rendered “Light Be”.

The more important part of this however is why was light created before the sun, moon and stars? When you look in Revelation you see the answer in the fact that in Heaven, there is to be no need for light from the sun, instead God Himself is to be the light by which we will see.  Just as His word is the light by which we are to see now in this life.

The sun is a source of light, but there are things it cannot illuminate and so we have darkness.  In the light of God’s word we can see clearly.

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