Most people will agree that printers are very useful things to have but one of the biggest problems with them is finding good prices on the ink, toner and the other supplies that you have to keep in stock if the thing is going to be something besides a paperweight.

Oh, it’s easy enough to find ink and toner for the major brands of printer, but finding them at decent prices is another matter entirely.  I took a look for prices for a HP 92298A black toner cartridge.  Office Supply Outfitters has compatible cartridges for as low as $29.99, elsewhere I saw prices ranging from $40.00 to over a hundred bucks!  Clearly these people have a better deal!

Shopping for something a little closer to home I found HP-21 ink tanks for only $14.99 when every other place I’ve looked has wanted over thirty dollars for ’em.  I know where I’m going to be looking for ink in the future.

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