Well, the Supreme Court has been at work again, making some decisions that sound reasonable and others that aren’t.  Then there’s things that sound innocent enough but qualify as onramps to the ‘slippery slope’.

The Supreme Court limited free speech, ruling against a student and his “Bong Hits 4
Jesus” sign. Also, the court ruled against taxpayers challenging the White House’s
faith-based initiatives and decided a case that weakens the campaign finance law.

They decided that a student’s free speech can be limited because the banner was easily interpreted as promoting illegal drug use and because children typicaly have had free speech limited until they’re adults.  Speaking as a Christian I personally didn’t like the “Bong hits for Jesus” thing because it implies that Jesus gives His approval to the use of illegal mind altering substances and I guarantee that He doesn’t.  He expects us to first obey God and secondly to obey the law of the land.

That they ruled in favor of the ‘Faith based initiative’ is a good thing because it’s entirely too far past time that there was more faith based things going on in this country.  It’s time the God haters gave people of faith the same right to believe and act on their beliefs that they’ve been so vocally adamant about.

Then there is their decision to weaken some campaign finance rules that limit corporate and union funded television ads that air close to elections.  It’s good because a pro-life group (the CBS story called ’em anti-abortion, deliberately using a negative sounding label) was not allowed to air campaign ads in the last two months before the 2004 election and that was an infringment on their first amendment rights.  The bad part of this is that there is almost certainly going to be even MORE political advertising this election than ever before.  I’m not even looking forward to it.

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