Once again terrorists and / or other people with some kind of evil agenda of one flavor or another are making their presense known.  While there hasn’t as yet been any official statement that this thing is connected to a terrorist organization, let’s be realistic, that’s the only kind of group that does crap like that.


London police have defused a “potentially viable explosive device” in a car in the
central theater district. Officials say propane canisters and nuts and bolts were
found in car, and the device would have caused significant damage if it had exploded.

Oh, don’t you love the way officials understate things?  I don’t see why they can’t just say what they mean straight out.  Instead of “potentially viable explosive device”, they could have said “A car bomb that probably would have worked”.  It’s a few more words, but a LOT clearer.  And saying that it would have “caused significant damage if it had exploded”… Well, DUH!  The thing was full of gasoline, propane and nails.  Of Course it would have “caused significant damage” Say it straight out… It would have blown up half of the block!

In any event, the good news is that Britan’s authorities found and defused the thing before it could go off.  The bad new is that in the age we’re living in now, it probably won’t be the last.  The trick is going to be dealing with this without tromping all over individual civil rights.

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