I saw this headline a few minutes ago:


In a debate held in an atmosphere friendly to Democrats, the spotlight shined on the
intense battle between Hillary Clinton, who wants the support her husband enjoyed
among blacks, and Barack Obama, the most viable black candidate in U.S. history.

Thing is, it and other stories like it in recent weeks have made one thing more and more obvious, the two main candidates in this election appear to be Clinton and Obama.  Oh, there’s plenty of others, and some of them are even managing to be visible in the news and other media fairly often.  But these two have been out there more than just about all of the rest of them and frankly, in my opinion that’s potentially a problem.

I don’t like the idea of the Clintons, Bill OR Hillary, being in powerful public offices and especially not the presidency.  I didn’t vote for Bill and I’ll never vote for Hillary.  For one thing there’s this “I’m better than everybody around me” attitude that comes pouring off of her.

As for Barack Obama, I’ll be honest in that I don’t know very much about him except that he’s VERY charismatic.  There’s something of an attitude about him that I’m not quite sure about yet, but that I’m not too sure I like.  I’m going to have to do some reading up on him as well as the other candidates.

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