There’s a new blog in town.  It looks to me like it’s going to be a company blog that’s focused on the Wholesale Sunglasses industry.  I honestly never thought that Sunglasses were that big of a business but then I wear prescription glasses full time and therefore don’t think about sunglasses all that often.  They just don’t work in combination with regular glasses, instead I just use a pair of clip-ons that I can flip up if it gets too dark for them.  Oh, I understand that there is such a thing as prescription sunglasses, but that’s just GOT to be expensive.

At any rate, back to the blog.  It’s apparently sponsored by (or perhaps run by, it doesn’t really say beyond having a logo at the top and a link in the first entry.)  By the way, that article was informative.  I hadn’t realized that the sunglasses business involved markups like 500% and 1000%!  That sounds almost like a license to print money.

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