Do you know what Adam’s big mistake was?  Take a look at the first seven verses or so of Genesis chapter 3 and if you pay attention you’ll notice that when Eve gave him the forbidden fruit it’s very clear that Adam was with her the whole time that the serpent was talking to her.

She may have been decieved by the serpent, but no such thing is said about him.  Adam’s first mistake was in not stopping her and reminding her what God had said about it.  His second was in taking the fruit when she gave it to him.  As soon as the serpent contradicted what God had said they should both have stopped listening to it.

It’s one thing to be decieved, it’s another thing to know the truth and make the wrong choice anway.  How many times do we know the right thing to do and end up choosing not to do it?

Adam’s choice was more than failing God, he also failed his wife.  Had he simply spoken up at the right moment he could have made quite a difference.

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