Well, It’s official.  As if the fact that President Bush doing away with Libby’s prison sentance wasn’t already enough fuel on the political fires, now there’s going to be even more flames rising over his refusal to rule out the possibility that he could still give Libby a full pardon before he leaves office.

Bush Won’t Rule Out Full Libby Pardon

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Bush on Tuesday refused to rule out an eventual pardon for I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, leaving open the chance he may wipe away the former White House aide’s criminal record after already erasing his prison sentence.

The thing is, I think that there are times when this kind of thing is warranted but I do wonder if that’s the case in this situation.  Granted, I (and most of the public for that matter) don’t know anywhere near all of the details of the case and as such can’t say for certain if a pardon is a reasonable idea or not.

I can however say that if Joe Average were convicted of similar crimes, whether he was actually guilty or not, the possibility of a pardon, full or partial, would be so remote as to qualify as a dream.

I’m also sure that there’s a lot of people on both sides of the political fence who remember Bill Clinton issuing a whole bunch of pardons just before leaving office.

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