Finally some campaign news that doesn’t involve Clinton or Obama.  It looks like things are getting tough in John McCain’s campaign.  I have to say however that there’s something seriously wrong with the political process when it all basically comes down to who can raise more money.  This pretty much means that more than anything we’re living in a nation that is goverened by the richest people with the best advertising and fund raising teams.

Pressed for Money, McCain Cuts Campaign Staff

After raising just $11.2 million in the last three months,
aides said there were signs Senator John McCain’s campaign
is hemorrhaging support among Republicans.

I guess it’s another of the many signs of the times.  I mean theoretically anyone who is a natural born citizen of this country and 36 years old or more can, according to the Constitution, run for president.  The reality however is that unless you can lay hands on hundreds of millions of dollars you don’t stand a chance of even getting noticed outside of your local area… let alone be taken seriously on a national level.

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