This thing about flight delays is a mess.  I realize that we need security, I understand that we don’t want another group of Floons to come along and try another 911 kinda thing.  I dont’ want anything like that either.  Thing is, this security thing is getting out of hand.  People are so busy adding security measures to things and then of course we’re all busy dealing with all the extra delays and expenses that come with all those new security measures.

The problem with this is that I think we’re going past the point of taking reasonable precautions and getting into the area of just plain living in fear.  That’s a problem.  In fact, it’s a big problem.  If we allow ourselves to be forced to live in fear, bowing to ever increasing security measures in the name of safety, then the terrorists get to call themselves winners because we’re not winners if we allow ourselves to live in inconvienience, deleay and expense out of fear.


By the government’s own reporting, 2007 is the worst it’s been for flight delays in
seven years. From January through May, one out of every four flights was delayed. And
it’s only going to get worse as the summer goes on, reports Nancy Cordes.

This kinda reminds me of a scene from the original Star Trek.  The ship has been taken over by ailiens, Kirk demands they return control and asks Spock if they have. Spock replies “Captain, the ship is now describing a circular course.”  Scotty pipes in “Aye, and at warp nine we’re goin’ nowhere mighty fast.”

-‘Nuff Said.

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