Because of a Democrat governor and a Republican controlled Senate that can’t seem to do anything that involves agreeing on a budget, As of tomorrow morning there’s going to be some 24,000 people that won’t need to bother going to work, or getting paid, anytime in the near future.

Penn. Gov. Orders Partial State Shutdown

Pennsylvania’s Governor Orders a Partial Government Shutdown, Furloughs for 24,000 Workers

Gov. Ed Rendell late Sunday ordered a range of state government services shut down and placed about a third of the state work force on indefinite unpaid furlough after frantic last-minute negotiations failed to break a budget stalemate.

Frankly there’s no excuse for this kind of garbage.  Sure, they’ve got differences about what the money should be spent on but they also have a duty to the people of Pennsylvania to get things like this solve WITHOUT pulling asinine stunts like shutting down most of the state government.

My first thought about this is that everybody involved, regardless of party affiliation, needs to find themselves out of office at the next election.

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