When you talk about building traffic one of the things that comes up early on is the subject of PageRank.  The thing is, most people don’t know much about PageRank and how it works.  This is partly due to the fact that Google keeps the formula they use to determine PageRank a very closely guarded secret and partly due to misinformation and wrong assumptions.

What is PageRank?

It is a value that Google calculates for each and every web page it indexes.  It is based on many factors and while Google isn’t telling what they all are, it’s pretty much universally agreed that it’s largely based on links.

Each link to a given page is treated as a vote for that page.  The more links there are pointing to a page, the more popular it is and the higher it’s pagerank will be.  The more important or popular a page is, the more value links coming from that page will have.

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