Here’s another one of those things that clearly tells you that this fear over terrorism thing has gone entirely too far.

There was a story this morning on GMA about a 12 year old that, because she was bored, got out a sharpie, drew a heart shape and wrote “I Love Alex” in it.  This wall had plenty of other graffitti on it by the way, so this was in no way anything new.

As a result, she ends up getting hauled into the office and questioned with police present.  I’ll grant you, she was wrong to write on the wall, but lets try to keep things in SOME kind of context shall we?  Should she have been punished?  Sure.  Detention, perhaps cleaning some of the wall or even doing some repainting.

Is that what happened? No.  She ends up suspended from regular school and has to attend an “alternative school” .. you know, where the hard cases end up because the regular school system can’t deal with them anymore.

These people in the Katy, Texas school system need to back this truck up and look at this again….IN Context.  She’s 12 for crying out loud!  And she didn’t even write anything offensive, hatefull or evil in the least.

The citizens of Katy, Texas need to insist that the school board rethink this mess and quickly.  And if that doesn’t happen then the people responsible for reacting this far out of line need to be fired and put to some kind of job where they can’t ruin somebody’s life so easily…. like maybe sweeping a sidewalk somewhere.

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