There are several ways.  Google likes to promote use of it’s toolbar but personally I would not only never use it, I advise against it because of privacy reasons.  Instead there are several web pages you can use to find out the page rank of any given page. Checks 72 of Google’s datacenters, can be used to spot changes as they happen.

http://***.***.com/index.php This tool is used by P**P**P**t to determine PageRank and Alexa rankings

I’ve changed the url recommended above because, as Tricia pointed out, this url was created specifically for ***, there could be objections if it were overused.  You’re better off doing most of your checking on instead and only using the *** version of that url to check what *** will see when it looks up your blog.  Better yet, log in to *** and look at the “My Blogs” link on the dashboard. checks PR on 37 datacenters. This tool attempts to predict what a page’s PR will be at the next PR Update.  It’s NOT very accurate (But then *NO* “PageRank Predictor” should be considered more than educated guesswork), but it can give you an idea of where a page’s PR is headed.  Can check up to five pages at a time.

There is also at least one plugin for Firefox called Search Status that can not only tell you the pagerank of any page you visit, but it can also tell you the Alexa rankings, highlight links that have “nofollow” on them, lookup “whois” information for a domain and more.  You can get the Search Status Plugin at

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