How do I find out My PageRank?

July 12th, 2007 | Posted in Building Blog Traffic | 9 Comments

There are several ways.  Google likes to promote use of it’s toolbar but personally I would not only never use it, I advise against it because of privacy reasons.  Instead there are several web pages you can use to find out the page rank of any given page. Checks 72 of Google’s datacenters, can be used to spot changes as they happen.

http://***.***.com/index.php This tool is used by P**P**P**t to determine PageRank and Alexa rankings

I’ve changed the url recommended above because, as Tricia pointed out, this url was created specifically for ***, there could be objections if it were overused.  You’re better off doing most of your checking on instead and only using the *** version of that url to check what *** will see when it looks up your blog.  Better yet, log in to *** and look at the “My Blogs” link on the dashboard. checks PR on 37 datacenters. This tool attempts to predict what a page’s PR will be at the next PR Update.  It’s NOT very accurate (But then *NO* “PageRank Predictor” should be considered more than educated guesswork), but it can give you an idea of where a page’s PR is headed.  Can check up to five pages at a time.

There is also at least one plugin for Firefox called Search Status that can not only tell you the pagerank of any page you visit, but it can also tell you the Alexa rankings, highlight links that have “nofollow” on them, lookup “whois” information for a domain and more.  You can get the Search Status Plugin at

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9 Responses to “How do I find out My PageRank?”

  1. I don’t think I’ve tried the first site before but all the others – yes.  I just tried the prediction tool and for some reason every time I check it lately it says I’ve got insufficient backlinks .. huh? My sites have tons of backlinks.  Very strange.

    You might want to just list the plain site … the one you’ve listed was made special for PPP and PPP blogs … if it gets overused it might cause PPP trouble.

  2. I’ve seen this behaviour myself, dispite the fact that I’ve got hundreds of backlinks, it’s only showing me as having 255 while Google Webmaster tools show me having over 800 backlinks.

    Also, the iwebtool predictor starts getting flaky results or no results as the PageRank update gets closer.  Within three weeks or so before the update it doesn’t give much at all in the way of useful results.

    I’ve also done some reading up on it and I’ll be posting more about that particular tool in a few days.

  3. I dont know why people are worried about privacy where the tool bar is concerned, it is not used to track personally identifiable individuals… I run a Firefox plugin with page rank, alexa and compete rankings all shown… its very useful, I would not be without it!!

  4. That sounds like the Search Status plugin I mentioned.  As for Google toolbar and privacy.  I’ll admit it’s a personal preference but I also think that it’s not such a great idea for all of your websurfing to go through Google (or any other site).  I use the Search Status plugin, but even that one I disable when it’s not being used for the same reason.

  5. …. also the toolbar warns you of scam / fraudulent sites which can be useful…


  6. Thank you for the links.  and I am definatly going to have to get that plug in sounds awesome.

  7. Thank’s for the information about the Google Toolbar, usually i just install this toolbar for search (without open new browser) or for know the PR status. Anyway, some people says the PR can be manipulation? How to do that?

  8. There are so-called “Black Hat” strategies that some people use to manipulate PR, but in the end they eventually lose out either because they’ve been caught or turned in and find their pages delisted or Google changes their algorithm in such a way as to remove their advantage.

    The only real way to go is by getting legitimately created links.  The best, most basic way to do that is to write good content to start with.  After that, directory submissions and things like leaving your link in blogs that “Do-Follow”. (without spamming of course).

  9. Thanks for the information!