I just saw a story about the House voting to withdraw from Iraq.

As anyone can guess, this has set the stage for another one of those “House & Senate vs The White House” battles.  President Bush has already threatened a veto and the Democrat controled House passed this measure 223-201.  Now it gets to head over to the senate where there will be another showdown.

Yes, American soldiers are being killed practically every day and just that reason alone is increasing the number of people calling for withdrawl every day.  It’s also easy to understand that people are getting tired of this whole Iraq war thing and want to be shut of it but there’s more to it than just that.

As great as it would be to just pack up and pull out, It’s also plainly obvious that the Iraqi government and the Iraqi security forces are in no shape to keep order if we pull out.  Heck, there isn’t much in the way of order now with us there, If we pull out, all the groups that are trying to tear the place apart will move in unchecked and Iraq will be subject to the biggest bloodbath since Saddam had thousands put in mass graves.

Another thing to consider is the fact that if we leave without some kind of a clear victory all these terrorist types are going to see it as a sign of weakness on our part and it won’t be long before they decide to start pressing what they see as an advantage and even more American citizens will be at risk.

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