Here’s something that’s almost certianly going to get bigger:


A House panel cleared the way for contempt proceedings against former White House
counsel Harriet Miers after she obeyed President Bush and skipped a hearing on the
firings of federal prosecutors.

This looks to me like it’s going to turn into yet another showdown between Capitol Hill and The White House.  This time it’s going to be over the limits of executive priviledge.  On the one hand, executive priviledge is important to the president’s ability to get things done while on the other hand this priviledge is something that can easily be abused.

This is going to be at the heart of a constitutional debate / fight and if the nation is blessed with sensible politicians it will result in some kind of sensible definition of just where executive priviledge starts and stops.

In reality I’m sure it’s going to end up with more fighting and fuming.

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