According to recent news, N. Korea is finally starting to move toward disarmament and closing down their nuclear program.  Personally I’m having a hard time believing that this whole thing is going away all that easily nor why, after all of their dire threats and posturing.  There absolutely has to be more to it than just oil.


North Korea told the United States it shut down its nuclear reactor, after the
arrival of oil promised in return for the North’s pledge to disarm. If confirmed by a
U.N. inspection team, it would be a first step toward Korean de-nuclearization.

For another thing, just how far will they actually go down the path of “de-nuclearization”?  They haven’t had a change of leadership, nor has there been any revolution and I don’t think that the head guy has suddenly had a “Damascus Road” experience and met Jesus.  (it’s possible, just not very likely)

So you have to ask yourself, why they’re doing this and how long will they keep it up.  This is the same country that was making some rather serious threats to anyone, particularly the US, who even sounded like they would get in the way of N. Korean nuclear development.  They’re also the same bunch that’s been buddy-buddy with Iran for the last several years, helping them with their nuclear program. 

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