Saturday the Iraqi Prime Minister was quoted as saying:

“We say in full confidence that we are able, God willing, to take the responsibility completely in running the security file if the international forces withdraw at any time they want,”

This comes on the heels of President Bush insisting that the troops need to stay in Iraq in order to maintain security and keep the various factions from tearing everything apart and leaving the place in chaos.

Now his advisor is saying that this doesn’t really mean what it sounds like.  The problem is, there’s a LOT of people here in the US that, right or not, are going to jump on things like this as more fuel for their arguments that we need to pull out.

Just offhand, I’d say that unless the Iraqi government really believes that they’re ready to take over security, they shouldn’t be making any statements that can sound like that’s the case.

For now, we can sit back and watch the next round of that famous Washington soap opera, “As The Stomach Turns”

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