I wonder how many times over the years we’ve heard promises from various groups and nations that they’re not going to attack Israel any more, only to see them do just that sooner or later.


Scores of Fatah militants in the West Bank have signed a pledge renouncing attacks
against Israel in return for an Israeli promise to stop pursuing them, a Palestinian
security official said today.

Some would say that I shouldn’t be so cynical and that I should give these people and nations the benefit of the doubt and even go so far as to assume that they’ll keep their word and not resume attacks agains Israel.

The only problem with taking that kind of view is that it’s just not going to happen that way.  It’s laid out clearly in Bible Prophecy that in the last days the situation will be one where most, if not all, nations would be against israel.  Like for example in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 there is a clear description of an attack on Israel by Russia who will be allied with Muslim nations like Iran, Syria, Lybia, Ethiopia and others.

My prediction is that sooner or later just about anyone who makes any kind of treaty with Israel will end up breaking that agreement.  The sad part is that when you attack Israel, you’re cursing yourself.  That’s been true ever since God made the covenant with Abraham and many have ended up destroyed because they went up against Israel.

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