First, the idea that any entity in Washington is spinning it’s wheels and getting little if anything done is so obvious that it’s actually a surprize when something gets done.  It certainly doesn’t qualify as “breaking news”, which is how ABC News sent out the headline in their breaking news email.  It almost isn’t news


Senate Democrats staged an all-night debate on the Iraq war in a dramatic attempt to
wear down Republicans who refuse to vote to begin to bring troops home by fall. So
far, the debate seems to be at a standstill. A vote is planned for Wednesday.

Second, after this article reported that this vote was 52 to 47 against the troop withdrawl, it goes on to call this a “sound defeat”.  a difference of five votes is hardly a “sound” defeat of anything.

What it means is that the Democrats are going to try again because the ‘get out of Iraq’ thing is one of their main things right now and frankly, all it takes is a handful of people to vote differently next time and they’d win.

Whether that would be a good idea or not is another matter entirely.  Honestly, I don’t think that most of the people trying to push the troop withdrawl deadline thing are really as concerned about the troops as they are with being able to take credit for it if they can get it passed.

What even fewer of them are thinking of is the Iraqi people.  I don’t just mean the government either.  I’m talking about average ordinary citizens that want nothing more than to be able to live their lives and do their jobs without fear of being killed by some idiot with a bomb.

From all reports, the level of security in Iraq is shakey at best.  If our troops are pulled out before the Iraqi security forces are able to do the job, the place will decend into absolute chaos in practically no time at all.

The troops need to come home, but we need to get the job done also because if we don’t get it done there, we’ll have to fight that battle here.  That doesn’t sound so hot to me.

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