I’m always interested in finding helpful information about the many things that can be done to imrpove traffic and positioning in SERPs (Search Enting Results Pages).  One of them that I haven’t touched on yet is the value of contests.

A good contest can bring a lot of visitors to your site / blog to enter and after they do enter, there is a reasonable shot that people will look at some of the rest of your blog.  Many of these will end up being repeat visitors and if you design the contest right, it’ll give the winners anything from a cash prize to links (or at least bragging rights and a cool award graphic) and it will also give you inbound links.

One good example of a contest is one being run by someone called “Kassper” in a blog about ways to make money online, blogging tips and SEO.  You can get the full details of his contest in the post “CONTEST: Get 50+ Backlinks – Introducing SEO Series” on their blog.  It’s already too late to get in on the start of these because the posting has started already but you can still get in.  I’ve read the first post in the series “SEO Series Batch 1 – Keyword Research” and it’s a good start on an introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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