If you’ve ever paid any attention to the news or even just the things you hear from friends and family you know that, in spite of what any official statistics say, crime is on the rise.  It seems like you can hardly turn on the news these days without seeing more stories about people being ripped off in more ways than you can think about.  There is almost always a fresh story about rape, murder and other violent crimes.  It’s getting more common to hear stories of police having to resort to a taser or even deadly force because of the violent nature of the people they’re trying to arrest.

In all this news, it’s almost strange that you don’t hear more about efforts at crime prevention.  Oh, you get the same old advice about using locks, not going places alone at night, taking steps to secure valuables, Etc. Etc.  Yet inspite of all that, personal security is becoming a major concern these days.  It’s also becoming big buisness.  Out of the fear of what might be done by one of the growing numer of cold-hearted people that you can find more of now than at any other point in history.  Jesus said that the love of many would grow cold and that iniquity would abound.

Well, the word “iniquity” is kinda an old word that means “lawlessness” and it shouldn’t take much to convince anyone that lawlessness is indeed abounding all over the place.  Now more than ever people need to be aware of what’s going on around them and take steps to protect themselves.  Things like taking self defense classes, carrying personal alarms or pepper spray are things that most people can do.  It really is a shame that it’s coming to the point where it seems like everyone’s looking over their shoulders waiting for some raving lunatic to attack. On the other hand, it is one of the signs that Jesus said would indicate that we’re closer to the day of His return.

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