The morning news briefs today brings a headline that makes me wonder about how effective polls really are and just how much people will either say just about anything because they think it’s outrageous or because they’re just going along with what they think the poll questions want.


A CBS News/New York Times poll shows 63 percent of voters believe it’s “likely”
Hillary Clinton will win the presidency. Views of Clinton are strongly split along
gender lines, but majorities of both men and women feel she’ll win if nominated.

I say that because while there’s a lot of noise behind the Clinton campaign, I doubt seriously that 63% of those polled actually believe Clinton will win if nominated.  I also doubt seriously that polls are as impartial as they’re alleged to be.

Finally, I’m just going to say that if you want what’s best for this country, you will NOT vote for Clinton.  I’ve also got plenty of doubts about Obama.  Sure, he’s charismatic as all get out, but That right there is probably the one thing about him that has been talked about the most.

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