Yet another islamic extremist nation threatens Israel. Big news… NOT. One group or another has been threatening (and much worse) the children of Israel since God set them apart as His chosen people.

This latest round is no surprize. Things are gradually falling into place and the events of the last days will play themselves out as they are described in Ezekiel 38 and 39

Simply put, when it’s all said and done, Israel will still be standing and her attackers won’t have a clue what hit them.

Iran Threatens Israel if U.S. Attacks Revolutionary Guards Commander Says Israel Will Be Iran’s 1st Target in Response to U.S. Attack


TEHRAN, Iran May 2, 2006 (AP)— A top Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander said Tuesday that Israel would be Iran’s first retaliatory target in response to any U.S. attack.

“We have announced that whenever America does make any mischief, the first place we target will be Israel,” the Iranian Student News Agency quoted Gen. Mohammad Ebrahim Dehghani as saying.

Dehghani, a top commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards, also said Israel was not prepared to go war against Iran.

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