Have you ever suffered from muscle or joint pain?  If you have then I have found something that you’re going to want to check out.  It’s called “Freeze It”.  It’s a topical pain reliever that’s different from the one’s I’ve seen before.

I’ve used some of these things like Aspercreme, which works ok but I never liked the greasy feeling it left me with.  Or the ones that do their job with chemical heat of some kind … you put the stuff on and then you sit there feeling like the part you put it on is burning up.  That almost makes me wonder if maybe the way it’s supposed to work is by making you so uncomfortable that you forget about the original pain.

Back before the turn of the century I was in a car accident.  In it my left arm was broken in a really interesting way.  There was a piece of bone that was floating away from the rest.  I ended up growing this 2 inch bone callus on my upper left arm and it never did heal back into normal shape.  If I move it right, I can feel the bones moving against each other.  It’s NOT something I’d recommend.

The cool part is that where this break was can still bend like a second elbow and I can turn my arm around almost backwards and doctors (especially orthopedic surgeons) are always fascinated by it.

The not so cool part is that it hurts and I understand that it probably always will.  Most of the time it’s not very bad and I don’t bother doing anything about it but once in a while I’ll move wrong, bang it on something or the weather will change and it’ll get worse.  That’s when I start getting a keen interest in getting some relief.  When I heard about Freeze It, I was certainly interested in trying it out.

Freeze ItFreeze It is different in two ways right off.  First, it’s not greasy at all.  I applied some to sore joints and my upper left arm.  Once it was rubbed into the skin there wasn’t any of that slick, greasy wants to be sticky feeling.  Second, this stuff worked, in just a few minutes and it didn’t make me feel like I was being roasted alive.. 

I can’t think of a better recommendation for something than the simple fact that it works and that it doesn’t cost a bundle.  I understand that it can be had at places like Walmart, Rite Aid, Target and a bunch of other retailers.  You can also get Freeze It at their website.  It comes in two forms.  As a gel in a 4oz tube or in a 3oz roll on stick for $9.99 each.

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