Here’s another in the growing list of social bookmarking type sites.  This one’s called “Thoof” It’s intended to be an objective measure of how interesting readers think something is.  I’ve even heard of at least one of the creators of Thoof.  Ian Clarke is also the founder and creator of the Freenet Project.

On signing up, I found that Thoof also keeps a history of all the stories that you submit or read through thoof, making it a kind of personalized news collector.

ThoofRank is given in the form of a percentage.  If a page is a ThoofRank of 50%, that means that readers consider it to be above average in terms of how interested they are in it..

When you submit a story to Thoof, you’re given a bit of code that you can the put on the page or blog entry that you submitted.  Pages or posts that have been “Thoofed” have a graphic on it like this one: {thoof graphic removed because it doesnt work anymore}
It shows what the ThoofRank is for that page.  The rank starts out low but over time as more people view the article the rank goes up to reflect the overall interest in it.

As I understand it, all a reader needs to do is log into and read whatever items there that interest you.  Thoof’s system takes care of all the rest.

I’m going to be interested to see WordPress plugins created to aid in “Thoofing” newly posted articles.  Perhaps something that added the needed entry fields to the “write post” along with a “Thoof This” checkbox to enable Thoofing for that entry.

Even without this plugin I’d like to see, “Thoofing” something is easy and painless to do and will almost certainly generate added readership, traffic, and probably even some backlinks.

{Edit: Thoof has long since failed and disappeared.  Probably due to being overly complicated and issues with spam and bots.}

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